The Cover Reveal of : Our Phenomenal Love by  Garima Khurana 

Our Phenomenal Love By Garima Khurana

Hearty Congratulations To Garima Khurana For Her Upcoming Debut Novel!

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. But it springs in with infinite phases. Rarest of rare manage their journey through all ups and downs. Same electrified feeling was experienced by Aman and Anvi, two different personalities sharing their initials also planning to share their lives. 

“Break up simply means to be with the other person and create new beautiful memories to replace the former ones. But the moments created with your first love cannot be replaced by anything in this universe”. Does break up really means to never see each other again?

“Love is above everything” we have heard this phrase for a million of times by now. But there are certain mistakes which cannot be healed by.

‘Garima Khurana’ is from the land of battles, Panipat, India. She believes in spreading love around her. She is a fun loving person and loves to live in the moment. She has done her graduation from Chandigarh and is pursuing post graduation from Chandigarh itself. She loves to observe nature and her only purpose is to serve humanity.

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New to the blog world, confused as ever. Trying to get the hang of the site… So in a way, I’m trying to unbox this site. 

Even though I’ve a long wait for my first ever subscription box.  I’m impatient, restless,and excited. Can’t wait for the month of August, so I can discover the mystery that hold in my subscription box.. So Mr. Postman get my box soon.  
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Hi people!

Just a quick introduction about myself and what my blog is going to be about. Well, I’m Tracy from the beautiful place Goa who loves to read and try new beauty products…

So what’s my blog going to be about…

Well, few days back I’m was bored to the core and was browsing through YouTube where I came across a video about unboxing subscription boxes. Well that got my attention. I’ve seen lot of wellness and beauty subscription box, but not about books.

So getting to my point, I’ve decided to do subscription boxes about books, maybe beauty as well. And share with you guys my honest review about the box. Next month I will be receiving my first ever subscribed box. Can’t wait for it.

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Book Reveal

Book Reveal Event
Earth To Centauri
By Kumar. L
Happy Book Reveal!!

A 140-year-old secret throws three planets into chaos!

Tech for the geek. Thrills for the action seeker. Mysteries for the detective. Science for the uninitiated.

The year is 2095. Voyager 1 launched in 1977 with a golden record – someone has found it and is sending a signal back to Earth. With a newly constructed faster-than-light spaceship named Antariksh, and a crew which includes novices like Lt. Manisha, as well as seasoned professionals, including Commander Ryan, Captain Anara reaches the source of the signal at the nearest star to Earth – Proxima Centauri.

Before she can meet with the aliens, Anara must clear obstacles on her own ship, including a recalcitrant Artificial Intelligence and inexplicable radiation, which threatens the safety of the mission. The implications of what they find on planet Proxima B will resonate far beyond this first journey, exposing Earth to dangers on an unimaginable scale. And then Captain Anara finds out its creators buried a secret aboard Voyager 1.

Tech for the geek. Thrills for the action seeker. Mysteries for the detective. Science for the uninitiated.

The year is 2095. Voyager 1 launched in 1977 with a golden record – someone has found it and is sending a signal back to Earth. With a newly constructed faster-than-light spaceship named Antariksh, and a crew which includes novices like Lt. Manisha, as well as seasoned professionals, including Commander Ryan, Captain Anara reaches the source of the signal at the nearest star to Earth – Proxima Centauri.

Before she can meet with the aliens, Anara must clear obstacles on her own ship, including a recalcitrant Artificial Intelligence and inexplicable radiation, which threatens the safety of the mission. The implications of what they find on planet Proxima B will resonate far beyond this first journey, exposing Earth to dangers on an unimaginable scale. And then Captain Anara finds out its creators buried a secret aboard Voyager 1.

Kumar is a passionate tech enthusiast and social media newbie. He loves travelling and is fluent in seven Indian languages. His engineering background and love of science fiction helps him bring technology alive in his books. Earth to Centauri is Kumar’s first book. It is easy to read and understand, and is suitable for a wide range of age groups. Earth to Centauri, as well as the second book in the series, Alien Hunt, are both based on themes of adventure, thrill and drama, with a positive outlook at what the future may hold for humanity.
A third book in the series, Black Hole: Oblivion is currently in the research stage.
He can be reached on Twitter @Captain_Anara or at www.facebook.com/AntarikshAnara or on Instagram as KumarLAuthor

Review : The Castaway King Chronicles : After The Dark

Author :Spencer Labbe

Published :10 November, 2017

Publisher : Little Pieces of Paper Publishing

Genre :YA Fantasy


Synopsis :
Pil Persins has never seen the sky. He has never felt the fall of rain or seen the stars on a dark night. For thousands of years Elfin have lived underground, hidden away from the dangers of their world. The coming of the sun above ground means death; monsters awaken and predators hunt.
But it is a small price to pay for freedom. At least that is how Pil and his two best friends, Felicity Falon and Dunken Dirk, see it. And that path to freedom is to become an Exidite–a brave band of underground warriors who are allowed out during the night to search for supplies and, if necessary, confront their enemies.
But the world above ground is far different than Pil and his friends could ever have imagined. The bright purple sky and thick forests hide beings far worse than their worst nightmares. Yet they persevere, hoping to find some light in the everlasting darkness, some truth in the lies and treachery of their enemies and, in some cases, their friends.
Life or death. Freedom or slavery. Love or betrayal. There is no room in between this war of darkness and light.


This is a story of a young elfin, Pil Persins. In the beginning, we find Pil Persins questioning about the life of an elfin. The elfin have lived underground for more than hundreds of years, hiding from the dangers from the above. But only a selected few go above for the resources which are required for their survival. Pil and his two best friends Felicity Falon and Dunken Dirk want to join this elite group. In order to do that, they register themselves for the trials to join the Exidite. They dream of a better life for themselves and their family members. Thus the adventure begins from there.

The book was a fast paced book. I mean really fast paced then I’m used to. Every turn of the page, the author thrown in so many twist and turns. Every chapter there was something new happening or a character is being introduced. It’s an action packed book, but I felt it needed to be a little slowed down so the story could have been developed.

Character wise, they were good. Pil Persins, being the main was well perceived as smart and has presence of mind. But, my favourite was Felicity Falon. She is brave, strong and smart. She is fierce. Brixton, another character, somehow reminded me of young Draco, from Harry Potter.

Some parts of the story is not explained or you may say unexplained for a reason. If you are going to have a series, I guess that’s required. The final twist towards the end of the book was quite surprising.

For a debut, I think this series have quite a potential. I’m looking forward to read more about this fantasy world of elfin created by Spencer Labbe. To know what lies in the future for Pil Persins and the elfin world.

My ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5⭐’s

Until next time, keep reading and be you.

Review : Mirror, Mirror

What do you truly see

Author : Cara Delevingne

Co-author : Rowan Coleman

Published : 05/10/2017

Publisher : Trapeze

Pages : 368

Gener : YA fiction

Format :Paperback

ISBN : 978 140 917 27 58

Synopsis : as on goodreads

Friend. Lover. Victim. Traitor.
When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Sixteen-year-old friends Red, Leo, Rose, and Naomi are misfits; still figuring out who they are and who they want to be. Life isn’t perfect, but music brings them together, and they are excited about what the future holds for their band, Mirror, Mirror. That is until Naomi vanishes before being pulled unconscious out of the river.

She’s left fighting for her life in a coma. The police claim it was a failed suicide attempt, but her friends aren’t convinced. Will Naomi ever wake up? What – or perhaps who – led her to that hospital bed? And how did Red, the self-styled protector of the group, fail to spot the warning signs?

While Rose turns to wild partying and Leo is shrouded by black moods, Red sets out to uncover the truth. It’s a journey that will cause Red’s world to crack, exposing the group’s darkest secrets. Nothing will ever be the same again, because once a mirror is shattered, it can’t be fixed.

Cara Delevingne, the voice of her generation, explores identity, friendship and betrayal in this gripping and powerful coming-of-age story. For fans of WE WERE LIARS, THIRTEEN REASONS WHY and THE GIRLS.

Review :

A book written by non other than the famous Cara Delevingne was what made me pick up this book. I mean the title of the book is smaller than the name of the author. I basically didn’t know what was the plot. So I dived in without reading the synopsis.

It’s a bit difficult to review this book, I’ll try my best. The book is about the mysterious disappears of Naomi and later being pulled out unconscious from a river. Now as she is in coma, her best friends and band mates Red, Leo and Rose are trying to find out what exactly happened to her. The book is narrated from Reds perspective. There was not much going on in the first half of the book, which kind of draged for me. But, about 30 percent of the book it gets interesting just because of Naomi’s sister Ash. It was her character I enjoyed the most, a fierce, smart computer hacker trying to piece together clues about what exactly happened to her sister. She was the one who along with Red discover the betrayal. Who is the one that betrayed Naomi, you have to read that. Leo and Rose character weren’t much interesting. They had their own problems. I didn’t care much of these two.

The other aspects of the plot was coming to terms with one’s sexuality and identity. I mean Red knows, who she is. But its the people around her who have bit difficulty in accepting her identity.

I couldn’t relate to the characters but the plot was okay. I wouldn’t say I loved or hate it. Cara Delevingne debut in fictional writing isn’t bad. Will definitely try out her books in the future

Rating : 3 ⭐’s/5⭐

Until next time, keep reading and be you

Review : Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar

Author : Kochery, C. Shibu

Publisher : Niyogi Books

Published : 2015

Gener :Fiction

Pages : 283

Format : Paperback

ISBN : 978-93-85285-00-4

Synopsis :

Nanda, an engineer from Kerala at the dam construction site, hiding from his past, from the law, torn between the love of his dear one’s and the kalari code of revenge. Khusru, a youth displaced from his native village in Kashmir, a gambit in the terror plot that threatens to blow up the dam, working as a labourer at the site. Rekha, a Kathak dancer at heart, a doctor by profession, arrives at the campsite as the consort of Khusru. A village that accepts the dictates of modernity with a heavy heart, its population steeped in superstitions and religious beliefs.

All throng the campsite like moths to the flame, some escape untouched, successful ; some miss a step and perish. Each has a story to tell and a dream to realise. Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar is about the aspirations of these people, with their cares and worries woven into the site life. The fury of nature and the hardships of the project life have no mercy for the weak and no time for the dead. Like an eternal spectator the Dhauladhar watches as men risk their life and limb in the quest to fulfill their dreams.

Review :

What’s the book about?

A Hydel Power project in the remote Himalayas, three people brought together by fate.

The book for me was divided into two parts. The technical workings and construction of the dam taking place in the mountains of Dhauladhar and the second part, being based on the three main characters. This was the bases of the main plot which also included sub-plots which I think was unnecessary.

Most part of the story was okay, it was not much interesting for me, since the author gave detailed information of the construction of a dam. I must admit though the author has done quite a lot of research and shared some of his own experiences about the treatments and workings towards labour class and what goes about at the site.

Now we come to the main part of the book. The author describes each of the characters well, with interesting backgrounds of each of the characters. I loved to read about Nanda and the kalari martial arts. It was very much like what you see in the South Indian action movies. The other characters were Rekha, the kathak dancer by passion and Doctor by profession. Khusru, the Kashmiri were also interesting to read. What I didn’t like about the portrayal of women and how they were treated. As for me as a reader, the women were portrayed very poorly and were used only to comfort men. I mean Khusru, himself had 3 wives which was, I don’t know what to say.

The ending came to a surprise end, I didn’t expect it to end so abruptly without much further detail. I felt some part and explanation was missing.

Even though it was a slow paced read, it was interesting enough. I wouldn’t say I loved it or hate. But the story is not a memorable one for me. The description of the mountain and their belief in superstition was well described. If you are person for character driven and technicality description then this is the book for you.

My rating :3.5 ⭐’s/ 5⭐

Until next time keep reading and be you.

Disclaimer : I was sent this book in exchange of an honest review. All thoughts are of my own and not influenced by the author.

REVIEW |What We Need To Survive by Elena Johansen 

Series : What We Need #1

Pages: 289

Published : November 30, 2015

Gener :Fiction /Romance

After the plague, the world became a Web of silent roads stretching between empty towns.

Paul discovered he had a knack for living on the move, finding supplies and trading them with other survivors, never staying long in one place or with one person. But he wanted to. Life would be easier with someone to watch his back.

Nina found her own way to survive in the ruined world, but the choices she made left her guarded and mistrustful. Not a woman likely to care for a handsome stranger who falls in her group of survivors.

Attraction can be ignored, and trust has to be earned. But the days spent searching for food and shelter and the nights spent keeping watch don’t satisfy their truest need…

Each other.

When danger is never far away, is love a luxury they can’t afford? What We Need to Survive captures the tension, fear and hope of two people struggling to build a new way of life from the leftovers of the old, deciding what to hold on to, and what to leave behind.

Review :

We enter the post-apocalyptic world with Paul who is travelling on foot to find shelter as a storm is about to begin. The world population is wiped out due to a mysterious plague. The author doesn’t focus on the cause or the cure for this disease, but on its survival by the few remaining survivors.

This is a slow paced book based on two main characters Paul and Nina. It’s about finding love and companionship in the midst of danger and fear. The author brilliantly brings out the survival instincts on these two characters as well as the other supporting characters. This is not an action paced but character driven book. The main character have to face their struggle in finding trust and come to terms with their past troubles and circumstances.

The plot was simple and the characters were well developed. Here the author doesn’t focus on the development of the world, but on building friendship and relationship.

I would definitely love to read the other books in the series.

My rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐/5⭐’s

Until next time keep reading and be you.

Disclaimer : I was sent a free e- book copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

REVIEW |Caraval by Stephanie Garber

‘Remember It’s All A Game…

PUBLISHED  DATE  : 30/11/2017

PUBLISHER : Hodder Paperback

PAGES : 304

ISBN : 9781473629165

GENRE: Fantasy Fiction

 Blurb : 

Remember  It’s All A Game.

What Happens Beyond This Gate

May Frighten Or Excite You, 

But Don’t Let Any Of It Trick You ‘.

Once a year the infamous Master Legend hosts Caraval – open only to those who have been invited. This year the week-long game is on Legends glittering Isle de Los Suenos, where the winding streets are an elaborate snow-covered maze and the people are never who they seem.

At midnight on the first day, the snow begins and the visitors become players. Each of them is vying for the coveted prize: a single wish. All they must do is unravel the mystery of Caraval. But in a game where danger hides behind every charming smile, winning isn’t without loss, and their wish might be their last.


We begin the book with letters from little Scarlett to the Caraval Master Legend. Finally, after many year’s,  Scarlett receives the long awaited  invitation to Caraval for her sister Donatella aka Tella, her fiancée and herself.  As Scarlett and her sister never left their Isle of Trisda, it’s an adventure they couldn’t t pass over. Since it was a  key to their freedom from their abusive father. As they make it to Legends private island for the Caraval, Tella has disappeared or kidnapped by Legend. Scarlett has been advised that nothing is real and not to be carried away in the game. In order to find Tella, Scarlett must follow the clues before the game comes to an  end.

Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.

What I think  about the book:

The Caraval has been around quite some time and I had been introduced to this book through instagram last year. The book was on  everyone’s feed with mixed reviews. So, finally I decided to read it this year. 

Loved the way, the author has narrated the storyline. She created a world of mystery and adventure. Every chapter or most of the chapters  I  was introduced to a new character or something  would happen. I felt,  I was part of the game and not a mere audience or a reader in this case. I tried to figure out what was going to happen to a character or figure out what’s going to happen in the next chapter. That was  not the case here. I found out things along with Scarlett. I was to expect the unexpected with every turn of the page. 

There’s  a love story or romance, as  you call it. It was not your instant – love. But a slow one, that didn’t hit you  right in your face. It didn’t weigh down the plot at all, which I liked too. The character of Scarlett was my favourite. Yes,  she was bit annoying but  became more than that. A strong headed girl who finally made decisions for herself. Overall good character and plot built up. 

Can’t wait to read the sequel to this book, which is coming out in May, 2018 titled ‘Legendary’.  

I would recommend this book, for those who love fantasy and adventure. This is the book for you. 

Rating : 4/5⭐’s

The Night Circus Review

Le Cirque des Reves!

Published date: 2012

Publisher :Random House

Pages: 496

ISBN :9780099570295

Format : Paperback

Synopsis /Blurb :

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. The black sign painted in white letters, that hangs upon the gates, read : Open at Nightfall, Closes at Dawn. 

As the sun disappears beyond the horizon, all over the tents small lights begin to flicker, as though the entire of the circus is covered in particularly bright fireflies. When the tents are all aglow, sparkling against the night sky, the sign appears, Le Cirque des Reves, The Circus of Dreams. 

Now the circus is open. Now you may enter.


The Circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It was simply there, when yesterday it was not. 

I went reading this book,  without knowing as what the book is all about. I have heard high praises about the book, so finally  decided to read it.  The book didn’t disappointed me, I was entranced in the magical world that Erin Morgenstern, the author had created. 

Let me tell you what the book is all about without giving out any spoilers for those who haven’t read it yet. Firstly, this book is not about circus per say. But it’s about the illusions surrounding the circus. Not your typical circus, wherein  you see of acrobatics, and animals jumping around and other circus performances. Secondly, it’s not about romance, the instan_love kind. No, such thing but there is a bit of a love story evolving.  Also not a game or competition between two rival circus companies. It’s a bit more complicated than that. There is no murder to be solved, but there is some mystery in the air. 

This was a slow paced book where the author keeps you hooked right from the beginning, as she built-in  the anticipation of the circus and everything evolving around it. The characters are enchanting and mysterious in a way. Every character was on point. I loved every page turn of the story – line. I would highly recommend reading this book, because once you start, you wouldn’t want the story to end. 

People see what they wish to see

My rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 ⭐’s

Until next time, keep reading and be you.